Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Documentary Insider going to WESTDOC

Hey there Documentary Insiders -

I went to WestDoc last year, and this year I will be covering the conference for all my Documentary Insider Readers and workshop students!  I think there will be lots of cool relevant subjects there.  Last year, WestDoc is where I met Adam Chapnick - which resulted in one of my favorite posts of 2009.

So - another bonus to Documentary Insider readers, WestDoc is offering my readers a discount - just use the code CTW2010 to get a 10% discount on the conference if you sign up by Sept 1. 

Who should go?  Well, one of the nice things about WestDoc is that you get a chance to sit with executives from different channels to pitch your shows.  If you have a show idea - then that would be ideal.  Last year I went to one session that jerked loose the ideas that I'd developed a few years earlier - then met a guy at the WestDoc cocktail party from a production company hungry for ideas (I knew how to pitch him cause I'd just been to the earlier session) I ended up producing a demo with the guy and his company.  In the end the network didn't take it - but WestDoc man - it might be a good fit for where you are at right now - or it might be something you'll just want to read my articles about ; - )

BTW - I will be starting a 12 week Doc School in September. I will have one class in the evening (Wednesdays) and one class during a week day.  Each class is limited to six participants, so if you know anyone who'd like to get their doc started, sorted and wonderful by November - please pass the word along!   If you want to reserve a spot, the best way right now is to call (323)202-5645 or to email me at


Stephanie Hubbard
Documentary Insider. 

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