Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ah...just talked with someone today who shot in both BETA SP PAL and mini-dv NTSC.  

I have a work around from terenexing 30 hours of PAL into NTSC (estimated price at @ $200 per hour)

We're going to digitize the PAL straight in (assistants time, BETA PAL deck rental) then pull the relevant bits, put them into a sequence, out put to a PAL DVCAM, then terenex the selects, bringing that into the timeline with the mini-dv material. 

The oddest part of all this - is going through this with an SD project. 

I'd love to hear other comments on people's workarounds for these sort of situations. 

More updates on multiple formats soon!


Stephanie Hubbard
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Unknown said...

You might want to try Graham Nattress' software called "Standards Conversion" It does a remarkable job and depending on the footage, I often prefer it to even the best hardware solution like Teranex. It's much cheaper. although it obviously takes longer, as it doesn't work in real time, but that work can happen overnight. It's a plug-in for Final Cut Pro (not sure if there's an Avid version.) It's very reasonable and I have no connection to the company. Here's a link: