Thursday, August 28, 2008

Final Cut Shortcut List

Hey everybody - here is the checklist I use to teach FCP.

Good luck. For the full explanation of processes - I am now offering group, in person private, and remote lessons.



FCP Key Command Checklist

1) Building into sequence

Apple 1 – back to viewer

J back JJ back faster

L – forward LL forward faster

Left Arrow - one frame left

Right Arrow - one frame right

; - go to last cut left

' - go to last cut right

I – in

O – out

Apple F9 – insert to target tracks

Apple F10 – Overlay on target tracks

2)Sequence Short cuts

A - neutral

B – Blade

F – brings up virgin material

L – toggles link unlink

M – marker (option apple m to label)

N – toggles "black hole" function

P – Pen tool

TTTT – selects all down stream

Delete – eliminates hole

Shift – keep things "in line"

Apple + close up on time line

Apple – Farther away on time line

3) moving things around –


Apple C – Copy

Apple V – overlay

Shift  V – drop in and push down.

Apple Z - Undo

Apple R - Render

Apple 9 - Attributes

Sequence Protocol: select, copy, paste. Rename, drag.

Bin Protocol: Stills, Footage, Music, Graphics, Sequences

Importing – drag item onto desktop – then onto drive. Then import into project. (music, graphics, stills etc)

Exporting – Quicktime, Web etc. Check attributes

Add Tracks,

Copy attributes

Graphics, copying graphics

Effects – copy effects


Stephanie Hubbard
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Ben U. said...

The 'tttt' hotkey takes too long. I customized mine to control+t. Saves me a lot of time!