Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Upcoming workshops & Red Carpet Video!

Hey there,

The film has been winning awards, and is poised for Academy Award Nomination.

Here is my red carpet interview at the films premiere at the AFI!


I am scheduling classes here in Los Angeles for the Fall now!

There will be three different workshops.

1) for Directors and Producers at any phase of their documentary on "Writing the Documentary". This is an ongoing writing workshop that will unlock what it is you want to say, and who you want to say it too. I've seen it work wonders for folks in the beginning in their process, as well as filmmakers with hungdreds of hours shot, clarify how they want to structure and tell their story.

2) Editing for Directors. An experienced Editor will empower you in all the processes of editing, both technical and "writing" - the real editing that happens. This is a must for directors cutting their own material, simply to bring the power of an experienced collaborator into your process cost effectively.

3) Marketing and HR for Editors. How to keep working steadlily - what are ways to best communicate effectively with your directors? All this and more!

4) Private and remote sessions available for training or story development.

Please email me your time preferences as soon as possible.


Also, if you are out of town, please let me know what sort of workshop you think might work well for your community.



Stephanie Hubbard
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