Thursday, August 6, 2009

Want and Need and No Characters?

So, you want to make a documentary - about something quite abstract.  The fall of the Roman Empire perhaps.  What then? 

I think the tendency is to go out and interview a bunch of people around the project, and try to cut it together to convey a message - hoping to raise consciousness, even to tell the story.  

But what to do to decide what the story is, who to interview - how to integrate archival, what archival to ask for?

The Want and the Need.  First of all, who is the Hero?  Is it The Roman People? Perhaps the antagonist is the Roman Oligarchy.  Perhaps the Hero of your story is an place or a building? 
The Coliseum?  Does this place have a voice - what does the coliseum want?  To see complete peace between all peoples?  What does the Roman inner circle want?  To do what ever they want, no matter what the consequences? 

Once you've determined "who" whether rabble or inanimate object, then what they "want"  and then what they really "need".  I.e.  The Roman people need to learn to live on their own resources.  But then you have the basis for determining the beats of your story. 

More on that tomorrow!

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kjkhg said...

I have a friend living in California who's a professional magician, and also makes short video clips. Would you mind if I gave him your link? He may be interested in making a documentary.

Stephanie Hubbard said...

yes of course. check out