Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It is hard sometimes to show up. Documentaries can be hard. They are expensive, they are dealing with the unknown and the unknowable. They force you to depend on the the unexpected. Who knows what will happen when you start shooting? Or worse, when you stop shooting?

Have you ever noticed, when narrative filmmakers use improvisation in their films (my favorites are Michael Leigh and Ken Loach) that every story about their film is all about their process. But their process is just what documentary filmmakers set out to do every shoot day - sometimes doing it for years.

But that is why it is so God Damned exciting to see a really terrific documentary. And that is what keeps us in the fight, shooting, and hanging in there with our subjects.

Sometimes, we need to acknowledge that it ain't easy, and then tomorrow start again.

I just want to acknowledge all the filmmakers out there tonight toiling away on bringing to light their wondrous stories to share with us.

Thanks to each of you for being of so much service by bringing your stories to light.



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